Top 15 Horror Films on Hulu

TOP 15 Horror Films on Hulu

Hulu is becoming increasingly popular so we thought we’d get it, watch all of the horror films on the video on demand platform and review the Top 15 horror films on Hulu!

15. See No Evil

As part of community service, a group of young adults have to clean up a large hotel to make up their hours. Little do they know that a maniac murderer (Kane) is living in the hotel, and focuses all his energy on spying on them and killing each of them. The story line isn’t very complex, but it is entertaining to watch all of the graphic murders!

14. Ma (2019)

Ma (2019) is a horror film about a woman who invites several teenagers to her house, so they could party. The teenagers start spending more and more time at Ma’s house, until they soon find some really suspicious behaviour going on in her house. What the teenagers don’t know is that ‘Ma’ has a past that fills her with anger. What could this past be though? How could this affect their lives? Watch Ma to find out these answers!

13. Halloween (2018)

Halloween (2018) is a horror film about Michael Myers managing to escape the mental hospital that he has been placed in. Laurie Strode survived being a victim of Michael Myers 40 years ago, and she is out for revenge. But how has her life changed in those 40 years? The film Halloween (2018) shows how this horror from the past has made her more prepared, paranoid and controlling towards the protection of herself and her family. Does this drive her family to hate this level of paranoia about her though, as it is reaching a very high amount? Or does it mean that she is able to predict Michael Myers next moves when he is out of the mental hospital? Watch Halloween (2018) to find out.

12. Ready or Not

This horror film is massively better then how it looks. The story line is such a silly story line that genuinely must have been really hard to actually make watchable without it being trash. However, the directors (Matt Bettinelli- Olphin and Tyler Gillett) somehow pulled it off. The film is entertaining, funny, exhilarating and intense. It reminds us a lot of the film named “You’re Next”, by how it is about wealthy people trying not to die, but also very entertaining, high in suspense and fun to watch!

11. Lights Out

Lights out focuses on something that many horror films have used, and gives it ago in as many ways as it can. This of course, being the “flickering light” method, where in one of the flickers, something jumps out at us. However, we must admit that they did do it well. We have seen so many horror films where the trailer makes it look great, and the idea itself is somewhat scary, but when it comes to the final showdown it does not deliver, however we wouldn’t say that Lights out is one of those films. This film does deliver what it shows us in the trailers, and it is actually quite a creepy film in general, especially if you watch it on your own with the lights out. After we saw the film, we were certainly a lot more nervous when turning off any lights in our houses, and felt a very strong urge to run up the stairs when doing so!

10. Trick

We believe that if you are passionate about reading up on serial killers, then you will love this horror film. Trick is the type of horror film were the audience are shown the story from the polices perspective, which adds a true crime type element to the serial killer hunt. The fact that we don’t know what is happening too makes their chase even more exciting. This is because we find out new information at the same time as the police. If you are interested in serial killers, then this is the film for you. We really did enjoy it!

9. Crawl

Crawl (2019) is the type of horror film that uses realism to scare the audience. The thought of being trapped in a basement with your Father who is knocked out, whilst the storm is almost drowning you (and only getting worse) with an alligator floating around is truly petrifying! We thought that Crawl did a brilliant job at keeping the film suspenseful throughout the beginning until the end.

8. Annihilation (2018)

Annihilation is a science fiction horror film on Hulu (and Netflix) about a mysterious orb type, semi see through wall that people don’t return from. This is called Area X and the government are keen to stop it growing. But in order to understand what is in there, they need to send someone there. This film is sort of like a horror version of Avatar. In all honestly, I always felt that a bit of horror was missing in Avatar!

7. Ghost Stories

This film is a bit of a head mess and the twist at the end made us question what on earth are we watching for a while! The three individual stories are set up and executed quite well, and they definitely shocked us and filled us with anxiety when watching them. This’ll horror film on Hulu will be sure to play on your mind for a while!

6. Saw 3

The film Saw III, is based on a psychopath named Jigsaw who punishes people for their wrong doings in the most extreme games. This is the third of the saw films, and it continues from the previous two. In my opinion this is where the Saw franchise should have come to an end, but I also believe that this is the best Saw in the franchise (second best being the first one). Thank you, Hulu, for adding it!

5. Side Effects

We were unsure weather or not to involve this film in this list of top 15 horror films on Hulu as it is not strictly horror. Side Effects genres is probably psychological/ thriller/ slightly horror/ drama, but we couldn’t miss it off. Side Effects is a brilliant psychological thriller about a woman who picks up her husband from a prison after he has done his time. She is taking new medication for her mental health but out of the blue somethings horrific happens. Is this the medications fault though, or her own?

4. Mom and Dad (2017)

Who do most people in the world trust more than anyone? Their parents! Is this a smart move? Usually yes, but in this case HELL NO. When a strange event takes place involving parents trying to kill their children, a teenage girl and her brother are having to escape their crazy parents as they set out to kill them! Is this horror film crazy? YES. Does it make much sense? NO. Will you most likely enjoy it? YES.

3. The Conjuring

This film is the start of the Conjuring franchise and, in the opinion of Eff Your Review, is the best out of all off them. This is one hell of a good horror film. The movie included all elements to make a great horror movie. This includes jump scares, suspense, fear, build up and a really gripping story line. We would definitely advise horror film lovers out there to check this movie out. We honestly don’t think that you will regret watching this one!

2. The Lodge

This film is psychological horror at it core! If you enjoyed horrors such as 1922, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Mother!, The Witch and other horrors from our Top Psychological Horror Films list then you will most definitely love this one. From the first ten minutes this film puts you in shock as something incredibly disturbing and dramatic takes place.

1. Mother! (2017)

This movie is truly a film to remember. After we saw it, we did not have the energy to watch another horror film for at least two weeks, just due to how emotionally and psychologically distressing the film itself is. However, that is not a bad thing at all. This film takes you on a roller-coaster of a lifetime that you would have never seen coming. Mother! is incredibly disturbing and psychologically testing. This is in terms of how much of it you can keep up with, around the complete and utter chaos within the movie, but trust us, it is well, well worth the journey once you get there. We would definitely suggest to any horror film lover to watch this film. You certainly won’t ever forget about it.

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