What is Crawl about?

Crawl is a horror film about a young woman named Haley, who travels in a horrendous storm to see her father after her parents had a difficult divorce. The storm gets increasingly bad, and she ends up finding her Dad knocked out in the basement. The storm ends up flooding this area, and somehow an alligator sneaks its way into the house, then the basement. With the weather becoming only worse and worse, the water in the basement continues to rise at a dangerous speed. Will they be able to escape this horrific incident though? How long until the storm continues to the point of potentially drowning them? Are they able to escape the alligator that is swimming around with them there? Watch Crawl to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Crawl (2019) is the type of horror film that uses realism to scare the audience. The thought of being trapped in a basement with your Father who is knocked out, whilst the storm is almost drowning you (and only getting worse) with an alligator floating around is truly petrifying! We thought that Crawl did a brilliant job at keeping the film suspenseful throughout the beginning until the end. The only area that we were 100% satisfied with, is how there is an increase in alligators, making it almost an alligator house with them all trying to kill them. We felt that this film could have been a lot better if there was just one or maybe two alligators. However, that is literally the only criticism that we can give to this film, but other than that we loved it though! If you love horror films then you are definitely missing out if you haven’t seen this one!


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