The Disney Ride Conspiracy – It’s A Small World

The Disney Ride Conspiracy - It's A Small World

There’s been many horrors recorded at Disneyland. From alligators entering the park, to strange ghostly figures being caught. But here at Eff Your Review, we’re here to talk to you about one very innocent ride, that has terrifying rumours. The ride is called It’s a small world, and was created on May 28th 1966, to show case all the different regions around the world, and how different they can be but also quite similar. The creators of the ride were known famously by Disney fans, as Blain Gibson designed the dolls, Alice Davis dressed and created their clothing and Mark Davis was in charge of the set pieces. The ride attracts many people from every aspect of the world, with over 256 million people being able to have said that they ridden it, and every single one of those customers can remember the song that is constantly playing on repeat there.

The song playing in the video above is the song used on the ride. It was created by The Sherman Brothers and was originally a lot slower, but Walt Disney wanted something more cheerful and faster, so they sped it up and made additionally small adjustments. Walt loved the song so much that he decided to name the attraction after it. What was first created to be an innocent symbol of connection around the world, soon became something quite dark that is often hidden from the Disney visitors.

The first story allegedly explains that there was a family who rid this ride on repeat. A Mother, two children and their Father. Their Father was clearly abusive, and was in a terrible mood from the first-time round. His anger got more and more, with his wife and children becoming increasingly scared. The story has it that the cameras in the ride were able to pick up what happened, but this was never released to the public. On the 700th ride round, the family vanished.

The second story about It’s A Small World focuses on the dolls that are playing the music in the ride on repeat. Many, many people have said that these are haunted, and constantly move on their own. The author Ridley Pearson took the ride, and here is what he said happened:

The video shows some more footage we found online, by a Youtuber named Shawn Rosell, where he asks about the dolls on the ride.

As we can see, there is an ongoing convocation about the dolls moving at night on their own, them moving when people are on the ride as well as the dark history that may have occurred from the family’s story. All I know is that I would not want to go on this ride alone.

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