The Monster

What is The Monster about?

The Monster is a horror /thriller film about a young Mother and her daughter take a long journey to drop off the daughter to her Father’s house. Both the Mother and daughter have had many disagreements in the past and are not on good terms, making the long car ride quite an unpleasant one. Whilst driving, they hit into a wolf and must pull their car over as it is damaged. They call someone to come to fix the car, but before the person gets there to help them they hear horrid and scary noises from the forest around them. They soon realise that this is a creature that is even bigger then the wolf. One that would be able to kill them very easily and they need to make their moves logically and carefully to not get killed. Do they manage to escape the monster? How much danger are they in? Watch the horror film / thriller The Monster to find out. The Monster is currently on Netflix right now, so if you are a member of this video on demand service then you can watch it there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

The Monster is quite a slow placed film, which I think would put quite a few people off it. There are the use of flashbacks of the girl and her Mother’s relationship and their struggles. This keeps the audience entertained and breaks up the film quite nicely. The suspense built up around the monster was achieved effectively too, as when we finally see it we feel scared. Overall, this horror film doesn’t stand out massively as anything incredible, but it is a good, slow paced and entertaining watch that horror lovers most likely will enjoy.


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