Top 13 Horror Films about Serial Killers

Top 13 Horror Films about Serial Killers!

Horror lovers are difficult. We know this because we are them! Sometimes we want to see a zombie horror film, sometimes a paranormal horror, or sometimes just some good old fashioned serial killer horror films! These can be really hard to find though, and especially brilliant ones! Here is Eff Your Review’s Top 13 Horror Films about Serial Killers. We hope you enjoy them!

13. Funny Games (2007)

Funny games (2007) is about two psychopathic boys, who find a family and put them through hell all night. They make a bet with them, that they believe the whole family will be dead by the morning, and the family bet that they will be alive.

Funny games (2007) is a very twisted, psychological horror. We found that the film was able to make the audience feel very uncomfortable, without needing jump scares, gore, or any of the usual methods. We understand that this film is a remake, and often a lot of films gets a bad reputation automatically by just being one, but we do feel that this remake was made well, and the film was good.

Eff Your Review rated Funny Games (2007) 63%

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12. B.T.K

B.T.K is a horror film about the infamous serial killer named Dennis Radar, who got the B.T.K. name by his methods of murdering. These being to bind, torture and kill. The movie examines the charismatic nature of a serial killer, and shows exactly how he was able to become high up in the church, whilst continuing his impulsive nature to kill. It additionally gives some insight into the cravings that serial killers may experience, and how in this specific case, he tried everything that he could to stop these cravings before they took over him. Showing it from his own perspective is something that horror films very rarely do.

Movies tent to focus on the acts of violence that a serial killer performs, rather than the motive and loss of control towards these urges leading up to it. That is why we felt that this film could not be ignored in our top 13 horror films list about serial killers!

Eff Your Review has rated B.T.K. 66%

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11. Maniac

The film maniac is about a serial killer who is obsessed with bringing manikins to live by utilizing real body hairs such as the hair on his victim’s head. The film has an interesting take though, as it uses first person view camera angles in order to make the audience feel as though we are living through the protagonist’s mind.

Overall, we would say that this is an enjoyable horror film to watch, and it definitely has a way of bringing us into the main character’s messed up world and mind set. The film itself is very gory and creepily uncomfortable, which makes us scared when experience his messed-up world. Maniac is a very creative film, and certainly something that we’d massively suggest you seeing!

Eff Your Review rated Maniac 68%

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10. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Henry: Portrait of a serial killer focuses on a character named Henry who is a serial killer. He influences his flat mate named Otis into randomly killing victims. The film itself seems to be realistic to the mind of a psychopathic serial killer, as well as their strange mind set of what is right and wrong. Henry: Portrait of a serial killer is definitely the type of horror film that you can relax to and enjoy. There are no memorable jump scares, just the fear of understanding the mind of a serial killer. Which in itself, is very scary.

Eff Your Review rated Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer 71%

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9. Chained

The film Chained, focuses on a serial killer who kidnaps a boy (aged 9) from his Mother. He keeps the boy in his house for a very long time, using him to make sure that the house is always clean and his doors are unlocked as he brings home different victims each night. The film focuses on the life that they both share, as well as the desperate nerve-racking escape attempts that the boy (named Rabbit) tries.

We would not class it as being particularly scary in the conventional horror film sense, however as a viewer watching the film you do gain the sense of entrapment that the kidnapped boy experiences. We would certainly recommend this horror film.

Eff Your Review has rated Chained 74%

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