Products That Horror Lovers Can’t Live Without

Products That Horror Lovers Can't Live Without

Have you ever been round a friends house and seen infamous horror film products and gone “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS”? Well here is our list of those products that we have fallen in love with, and wish to share with you!

Chucky Doll

Have you ever seen any of the Child’s Play, Chucky films? Well we sat through all of the Chucky films, and they are a perfect mix of horror and comedy (especially with the Bride of Chucky and the Seed of Chucky!). We feel that this real-life size Chucky doll is enough to scare the s*** out of anyone looking at it, and also please any of the Chucky horror film addicts! This is would be an incredible present for Christmas, or for someone’s birthday!

Billy - Saw Figure

Just like the Chucky doll, another horror villain that has haunted our dreams too many times is Jigsaw’s infamous doll Billy! Now tell me, who can’t remember the well-known catchphrase “I want play a game”, as that doll entered the scene in his little, freaky tricycle! Well now you can fully scare your friends, or even just buy this doll so that you can see it every day, not just in your nightmares! We know that we want one!

Art the Clown (Terrifier)

Terrifier was a film that was originally created as a result of the successful short film based around the character named Art the Clown. This menacing character focuses on killing unsuspecting victims, by using methods of torture that will stay with you for a very long time! So what better way to scare people then by wearing one of his masks and full-size costume? We love it, and you will too, so get yourself one, and be the scariest deva in the whole of the land!

Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger Glove)

What would be scarier than seeing the Freddy Krueger hand claws from the Nightmare on Elm Street films at 3 in the morning? Absolutely nothing! This is probably one of the scariest products on this list, that will guarantee to petrify anyone who comes in their path! Get a pair of your own!


IT is an incredibly popular film, that got remade and released in 2017. Both films massive amount of success, means that we now have even more people terrified of the main villain named Pennywise. We can imagine waking up and seeing this model of Pennywise creepy you out, but also could make an awesome piece for your bedroom or a living room! With IT Chapter two being realised recently too, now is the time to get this!

Trick R Treat

Trick ‘R Treat has got to be one of the most fun horror films to watch, and now you can purchase the model of the character named Sam! We’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like this horror film, so we just had to include it in this list of horror film products that you can’t live without!

We hope that you saw something that you liked! If not, you can contact us on social media by clicking the options at the bottom of the page and ask us about any products that you might want. Alternatively you can click below to go back to the home page or read more horror articles or reviews!

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