Best Horror Films To Watch On Netflix

The Best Horror Films on Netflix

It’s safe to say, that a lot of us love to watch horror films, and we also have Netflix, but whenever we search a good horror film to watch on Netflix then it can be quite a stressful find as there are so many to choose from! We have come up with a list of our top 12 horror films to watch on Netflix. We hope you enjoy!

12. Gerald's Game

Gerald’s Game has been rated 71% by Eff Your Review

Gerald’s game is a horror film that has a unique story line. The story focuses on a married couple who try to excite their relationship by using handcuffs and role playing. However, after an unexpected heart attack from the husband, Jessie is left tied up to the bed. As a result of being tied to the bed for some time, Jessie experiences many psychological effects from dehydration, hunger, and withdrawal from medication. In addition to this, a serial killer is on the loose within the area, making the situation undoubtedly unpleasant.

Overall, this film offers a great amount of suspense. The unsettling events that take place whilst she is tied up, is enough to make the audience feel very nervous for the protagonist and we ended up hoping ourselves that she could find a way to be set free.

11. The Ritual

The Ritual has been rated 72% by Eff Your Review.

The Ritual was gripping right from the start. We would review the acting as very realistic and the story line is just weird, but in a really good way! What we liked about this horror film, is that when it started to get strange, it instantly became scary. We really did like this film a lot, as we don’t want to give away too many spoilers for you, but overall, we believe that if you like horror films, you’ll most likely enjoy watching The Ritual. It was similar to another horror film named Apostle, by how the story line itself just takes you to such a petrifying world. The type of world where you’d absolutely shi*t yourself if you woke up in.

The characters in the film, including the character development of the main four is on point, and fits in perfectly with the situations that they all find themselves in. Would horror lovers enjoy The Ritual? We believe so. Yes!

10. Trick

Trick was rated 74% by Eff Your Review.

We believe that if you are passionate about reading up on serial killers, then you will love this horror film. Trick is the type of horror film were the audience are shown the story from the polices perspective, which adds a true crime type element to the serial killer hunt. The fact that we don’t know what is happening too makes their chase even more exciting. This is because we find out new information at the same time as the police. If you are interested in serial killers, then this is the film for you. We really did enjoy it!

9. The Perfection

The Perfection has been rated 81% by Eff Your Review.

The Perfection feels like a mix between Velvet Buzzsaw and Black Swan, but with more fear added to the story line. The film has a number of story line twists, which I thought really did the film justice. There are quite a few traumatic events that take place, and the way that the movie is edited makes the audience as though we are going through the situation from the same perspective as the person suffering.

We’d definitely suggest this as a really good film to watch.

8. In The Tall Grass

In The Tall Grass has been rated 83% by Eff Your Review

This is genuinely a really good horror film to watch. The different story lines that occur throughout the film keep you gripped and unable to look away. The acting is brilliant, the story line is crazy and the visual effects are great. The psychology of how scared the characters in the film are makes the audience feel as though they are going through that fear too.

The visual effects of the film too, make it feel as though as too are trapped in the tall grass. If you are a big fan of horror films, then this is definitely a film that you don’t want to miss out on.

7. Malevolent

Malevolent has been rated 86% by Eff Your Review.

This horror film is genuinely creepy as hell! The jump scares are built up correctly, the theme itself is very eerie and the twists are actually really brilliantly represented. If, like us, you love watching horror films, then you are honestly going to love watching this film. Especially if you are into good ghost and super natural horror movies! We were very pleasantly surprised at how much better this film was in comparison to how it was advertised.

When we saw the trailer for this film, we honestly thought that it was probably not going to be a great horror film, but I suppose that it really goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover. Great job Malevolent, we look forward to watching more from the director (Olaf De Fleur Johannesson).

6. 1922

1922 was rated 87% by Eff Your Review

1992 is one of those massively under rated horror films. The psychological mind games in the film make the audience themselves feel the same paranoia’s as the characters. This film definitely uses a subtler type of horror approach, by utilising the paranoid thoughts but I would definitely advice horror lovers to watch this film.

It was brilliant to watch. 

5. Veronica

Veronica was rated 87% by Eff Your Review

Veronica is one of those films that definitely deserves a hell of a lot more credit than it has received at its release. This film itself, in our opinion is genuinely a scary one to watch. The suspense of the film builds really well and with inclusion of the torturous nightmares and evil creations is enough to make even avid horror film addicts frightened. We can’t help to think that this film does not do itself any justice with the trailer. This is because, after watching the trailer, and then the film we are very positively impressed!

Veronica unfortunately did not make it into our top 10 horror films list though, but it was not a million miles off it! This horror film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it through there. FYI; the film is in Spanish, so you will need to read the subtitles if you are not Spanish.

4. The Silence Of The Lambs

The Silence Of The Lambs was rated 89% by Eff Your Review.

The Silence of the Lambs is a must-see horror film in the Hannibal Lecture series of films. This film has managed to continue the infamous Hannibal Lecture name in the collection whilst fully examining and showing the characteristics of a serial killer. This film is a lot faster paced then Hannibal, which personally we found made it more enjoyable to watch. If you haven’t seen this film so far, then you are definitely missing out. Would horror film lovers enjoy watching this? Absolutely. But they must keep in might that this is not a conventional type of horror /thriller.

There are no jump scares as the serial killers are what make the film creepy. So if you rely on jump scares for a horror film, then you’d probably best avoid this one. This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it on there.

3. Apostle

Apostle has been rated 90% by Eff Your Review.

Apostle is an absolute hidden gem within the genre of horror films. We can go through watching so many films without finding an actual amazing horror film, but after watching Apostle we knew we had stumbled across something great. This film is really gripping and it takes the audience to such an eye opening, new and insane place which we have never seen before. The world in which the lead character finds himself in continues to unravel so many new dark secrets, keeping us absolutely hooked on finding them out. The twists in the story line too are incredible, making us feel a large range of emotions towards each of the characters.

If you love horror films, and you haven’t seen this film, then you are definitely missing out. You have to check it out. It is literally petrifying!

2. Mother!

Mother! has been rated 91% by Eff Your Review.

This movie is truly a film to remember. After we saw it, we did not have the energy to watch another horror film for at least two weeks, just due to how emotionally and psychologically distressing the film itself is. However, that is not a bad thing, in fact, it’s an amazing compliment to how the film was created! This film takes you on a roller-coaster of a lifetime, that you would have never seen coming.

Mother! is incredibly disturbing and psychologically testing, as to how much of it you can keep up with the complete and utter chaos, but trust us, it is well, well worth the journey. We would definitely suggest to any horror film lover to watch this film.

1. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose was rated 92% by Eff Your Review.

This film just sums up a brilliantly made horror film. The film itself uses imagery and character behaviour to truly portray the fears that Emily Rose, and those around her have went through. The story line, the visual representation of an exorcism and the jump scares are all completely breathtaking. We honestly could not encourage the reader anymore to watch this film, and this is a horror film that any horror addict should (without a doubt) watch. We were actually shocked at how many horror addicts hadn’t seen this film when we asked around.

 This film is truly petrifying and if you are a horror film addict then you MUST watch this one. Especially if you are into exorcism/ demonic type horror films. If you can’t sleep for nights after watching it, then we’re sorry not sorry. We did warn you!

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