1922 Review

What is 1922 about?

1922 is a psychological horror film based on a family that are full of disagreements, as the Mother wants to leave the Husband to go to the city, and sell their land. This disagreement makes the Husband incredibly angry, which causes a massive divide in the house. This makes living at home very uncomfortable for the son in the family, who is forced to choose sides between his Mother and his Father. The Father and his son feel forced to make a very drastic decision which affects them for the rest of their lives. But what could this drastic decision be? Watch the horror film 1922 to find this out. This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of this service then you can watch it on there.

Would a horror film lover enjoy 1922?

Yes! 1992 is one of those massively under rated horror films. The psychological mind games within the film’s story line make the audience themselves feel the same paranoia as the characters. This film definitely uses a subtler type of horror approach, by utilising the paranoid thoughts and characters themselves to produce anxiety in the audience. We are kept in a constant state of paranoia for half of the film, of having to read the characters body language, facial expressions, and words to see what they are feeling and think. This is very unique style of horror, that has only been pulled off correctly in a small number of films. Other films that have successfully managed to pull this style off is The Witch and The Lighthouse. If you are a horror film lover, and you haven’t seen 1922 before, then we would definitely advise you to watch this film. It was brilliant to watch. 

1922 rating:

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