The Void

What is The Void about?

The Void is a horror film about a large group of covered cult like people that trap a police officer, a pregnant woman, hospital staff and many more inside a hospital. They need to explore around the hospital to get certain items however, as a result of searching around the hospital this leads them into an area they are not expecting. They slowly get deeper and deeper into the depths of hell. The cult are all attempting to create something that has never been seen before. If this sounds crazy to you, then it’s PG compared to the film! It is crazy, but a brilliant crazy!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

If you are a horror film lover, then The Void is something that will certainly peak your interest. This film is like a scarier version of Donnie Darko on crack. Now that sounds like a strange comment, but it is meant strongly as a compliment to the movie! It’s absolutely crazy! The first half of the film just seems like a normal movie, but it slowly becomes stranger, and stranger, and stranger, until you are thinking “What is happening” but in the best way. This film mixes horror with science fiction perfectly and you would be missing out a lot if you haven’t seen it. This is especially the case if you have seen the horror film Mandy and you enjoyed it, as it follows the similar type of neon, trippy, hallucination distortion genre. This horror film is currently on Amazon Prime, so if you are a member of this video-on-demand service platform then you can watch it there. It is also currently on Shudder. Check it out. We don’t think that you will regret it!


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