The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

What is The Hills Have Eyes (2006) about?

The Hills have Eyes (2006) is a horror film that is a remake from the original. The film is about a family who get stranded on their travels in the middle of know where, and soon become the victims of very sinister somebodies. This family go through hell as they try to find ways that they can escape the ones that are after them, but they do not have much luck as there is no body around them to help. Do they manage to get away in the end? Watch the hills have eyes (2006) horror film to find out!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

A lot of the time remakes are completely trash; however, The Hills have Eyes is one of the only remakes that we believe (as horror fanatics) did itself proud. The film itself is very scary in many parts, and the eerie, psychotic stalkers are so well depicted and shown as the creeps that they truly are its hard not to feel the fear that the main characters feel in the film. Their paranoia that they will be the target of another attack (and much more) in itself is enough to feel creeped out as anything when watching this film. This is definitely an example of a film where a non-horror film lover would rate low, but a horror film lover would rate high. Fortunately, we love horror films here, so that’s why we just had to give this film the review that we chose! We hope you enjoy!

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The Hills Have Eyes (2006) 84%



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