The Witch

What is The Witch about?

The Witch is a horror film based in 1630 in New England, that involves a family that are forced to leave their town. They end up finding their own area, where they use the land and their animals to feed themselves. Suspicions arise of one of the family members being a Witch, which leads the family to a state of paranoia, over analysing each other and causing a strong sense of tension and anxiety around their life. The horror film The Witch, is directed by Robert Eggers. This is the same director that created the film named The Lighthouse. Both The Witch and The Lighthouse use the state of paranoia and anxiety between character development to create the same sense of fear. If you liked watching The Witch, then we highly suggest that you watch The Lighthouse too.

What would horror lovers think about this film?

The Witch in our opinion is an example of brilliant story writing being executed correctly. This film does not rely on cheap jump scares to add fear to our minds when watching. The acting, directing and storyline itself is enough to scare us. This is the type of horror film that a Hollywood movie critique may not understand how to rate. This is due to the true nature of horror, how we do not always need jump scares and blood in every scene for it to play on our minds at 3 am when we are alone. This horror film is without a doubt something that we would advise anyone who loves horror to watch. Bravo!

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The Witch rating: 87%





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