Our honest expectations of Rob Zombie’s NEW ‘3 From Hell’ film

3 From Hell is set to be released on 16th September 2019, and we have a number of areas that we want to discuss about the new film.


We definitely are expecting gore in this film. For those of you who have seen the first film in the trilogy (House of a Thousand Corpses), then you will certainly know the sick, twisted plot that heavily includes gore. This is of course, dragged into the second film too (The Devil’s Rejects) but performed to a slightly less proportion. We can’t help to feel that the third film would not be the same though without the gore. We feel that something massive would be missing from the film if it didn’t include it. However, these are just our views. If your not a big gore fan, then might be an idea to stay away from this film. If you are a gore lover like us though, we’ll see you at the cinema!

A Prison Escape?

The Devil’s Rejects ends with the 3 family member serial killers having a gun fight with police officers. It appears that the story line continues from this, showing the 3 main characters (Baby Firefly, Captain Spaulding and Otis Firefly) being handcuffed and interviewed from jail. For the majority of the rest of the trailer, we can see them not in jail. We know that there would be (most likely) no chance of them being set free, so could this mean a prison escape is something that we can look forward to in this film? We hope so!

What do we expect the film to be like?

We may be biased here at Eff Your Review, as most of us are Rob Zombie horror film fans, but we are expecting great things from 3 From Hell. Rob Zombie films can sometimes be a hit or miss, so we definitely have our fingers crossed over this one! One thing that you can be sure of though, is that we will be writing a review for it as soon as we can! Make sure to check it out!

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