The Nun

What is The Nun about?

The Nun is a horror film based within the Conjuring Universe, about an incident involving a nun from a church committing suicide. A priest and a (soon to be/ pre vows taken) nun are sent to go looking into the incident, as it has caused a lot of people to talk about the situation in the church and question why this act originally took place. With help from a man named Frenchie, they manage to get to the church where the nun originally took her own life. They find the body and see a key that she was holding when she passed away. Whilst looking around the church, they get talking to the nuns, and realise that not everything is what it seems here. After realising that the church (and themselves) are in danger, they know that they need to find a way to make it all safe. Do they manage to figure out what happened to the nun? Are they able to escape the church? Watch the horror film The Nun to find out.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

The best way to describe The Nun, is that if you are new to horror then this movie is probably going to scare. That is because, when you are new to horror you don’t understand all the jump scares and how to predict them. The jump scares are normally what new horror fans judge a horror on, but the more horror you watch the more you need to have a genuinely scary story line to get scared. Unfortunately, The Nun is missing the story line aspect and it felt incredibly unrealistic and borderline just silly when watching. However, when looking at the positives of The Nun, I do feel that there were two jump scares that genuinely made me jump a lot and scared when watching it. Other then that, there wasn’t too much going on with this film.


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