Ma (2019)

What is Ma (2019) about?

Ma (2019) is a horror film about a woman who invites several teenagers to her house, so they could party. The teenagers start spending more and more time at Ma’s house, until they soon find some really suspicious behaviour going on in her house. What the teenagers don’t know is that ‘Ma’ has a past that fills her with anger. What could this past be though? How could this affect their lives? Watch Ma to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Ma is quite a good horror film, but it is not as memorable as we originally thought that it would be. We feel that the story line was missing an edge to it that it unfortunately didn’t quite achieve. There was never a point where we were gripping onto the edge of our seats, as the suspense just felt that it led to no where specifically important to the story. We felt that the mystery of her house was no where near as climactic as we thought it would be. However, the story line of Ma is actually quite realistic, making it better then a lot of terrible horrors. The Ma character does go massively over board in some of her reactions, but you can potentially see something like that happening in an extreme version of her life, so we can’t fault that part of the story line too much in all honestly. Overall, if you love horror film and watch them regularly, then this may not be up to your standards, but if you are a casual horror film watcher then you may enjoy it.

Eff Your Review
Ma (2019) rating: 58%





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