The true story behind Death note

True story behind Death Note

The true story behind Death Note

The death note story line throughout the both the books, shows and movies centres around a character who obtains the death note book, and are able to use its mysterious powers. I’ve recently found out that this is currently happening. No not in fiction, but in real life. In the 2006 film, this is Light Yagami that owns the death note. In 2017s Netflix version it’s Light Turner. Both different in many ways but yet keep the acquiring of the death notes the same. But what can this death note do? The death note in the fiction world is used to write down someone’s name in, and that person then dies from the method that you write down. However, this is currently happening in real life. Yes, that’s right. What’s scarier is this isn’t something that happened in the past 100 years ago, but is currently happening on a Japanese website called Danna Shine, with daily updates even as recently as today.
When you visit the Danna Shine website, as you can imagine, it’s completely written in Japanese. When translated you can see what the writing spells out. The first thing I noticed was the hundreds of short posts from Japanese wives as they beg for their husbands to die. When Danna Shine is translated, it means husband die . com, which makes a lot of sense with what the website shows. Many of the Japanese wives even go as far to call out to the God of Death for him to take their husband. What’s really eerie and disturbing, is at the top of the home page there’s a counter on how many of the user’s husbands have died the previous month. To give some more backstory, in Japan, just the thought of getting a divorce is heavily frowned upon, meaning that in many situations a woman could be left in a violent relationship where she’s not able by society to leave her husband. It’s also far more difficult to get divorced, as many times the families of the couple need to be involved, making the situation unbearable. They’ll also be publicly isolated from their social group, which makes matters much worse, as those are the people you’d depend on to be there for you whilst going through a divorce.
The website, although it’s creepy, is also quite sad. It’s sad to imagine anyone in a violent relationship, but also sad to think that this could be the last days for some of these men, as a lot of these posts are to do with an unhappy marriage rather than any physical or emotional abuse.
The strangest part of the horrifying website, is the incredibly large popularity of it. In the past few years the websites actually crashed a number of times due to the high volume of it not being able to handle so many visitors, which, as a guy is terrifying to know that that many wives want their husband’s dead. There is a section in the website that focuses on methods of getting away with murder, and how they can escape the method of death showing up in the autopsy of their husbands. There’s also a section where Japanese women thank the God of Death for answering their death notes, and telling the other women not to give up on theirs. All I’m saying about this, is I was less creeped out when Death note was just a fiction to read or watch.

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