What is Fractured about?

Fractured is a thriller/ horror film about a man’s daughter who falls into a pit of a construction site and bangs her head severely. He speeds down the road to the nearest hospital where he is able to get them to have a look at his daughter who needs surgery. He agrees to pay them up front instead of using his insurance as this can not cover it. After waiting in the hospital for over twelve hours in the waiting room, he asks what is happening regarding his wife and his daughter, however none of the hospital staff know of anyone with his name in the surgery. He ends up looking for his daughter and wife all around the hospital, but all of the nurses and doctors are claiming a completely different story to his own. After the What do the cameras show though? Who is telling the truth? What really happened to his wife and daughter? Watch Fractured to find out. The thriller/ horror film Fractured is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Yes! Fractured is definitely worth watching if you are interested in thriller/ mystery type films, and you haven’t seen this one then you are missing out. Fractured takes you on a journey to hell and back. We are following the Dad’s story and every time he discovers something new about what could have happened we are experiencing this too. The confusion, frustration and upsetting set of truths that the Father unravels is felt through the audience too, with great twists throughout the film to keep you gripped. We really liked watching Fractured and we are sure that you will too.


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