Unbelievable Facts about the REAL Annabelle

Unbelievable Facts about the REAL Annabelle

The Annabelle film series spooked out millions of people who watched it. But did you know that the Annabelle doll is entirely based off of a real doll named Raggedy Ann? We’ll be sharing with you some of the most chilling facts about this doll, and why you should keep away from it at all costs!

The place that the Annabelle doll is kept in, in Annabelle Comes Home is a real place. Raggedy Ann is kept in a glass box at The Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, along with many other haunted and petrifying items. Annabelle Comes Home shows this almost identically, with even the same warning on the front. Although the museum is full of some of the most haunted items imaginable, Lorraine Warren has explained that the Raggedy Ann doll is by far the evillest, and can do the most damage to those that come into its life. The video above shows what she says.

After a priest had thrown Raggedy Ann at the ground, explaining that God is stronger than the Devil something truly horrific happened to him. Ed asked him to leave, because he knew that if the priest stayed there any longer he would just cause more harm. On his way home from the Warrens house, he was involved in a car crash that almost killed him. He said that the last thing he saw before the crash was Raggedy Ann looking at him through the mirror of the car. What’s even more scary, is that people being injured or killed has been reported as a common consequence to disrespecting Raggedy Ann. On a separate occasion, a college student tapped at the glass saying that he wasn’t scared of the doll, and that it wasn’t real. He then died on his way home after crashing his motorbike.

Here is it explained:

Annabelle is blessed every day by a Priest. Lorraine has explained in previous interviews that a priest has moved into an apartment on her grounds. This is because The Warren’s Occult Museum on their ground is probably the most haunted place in the world, with almost all of the items in the museum leading to either someone dying or being seriously injured. Not only is the priest there as protection, but also to bless the museum and items in holy water.

Strange behaviour in the Annabelle movement video. When Raggedy Ann was moved from one case to another at The Warrens’ Occult Museum, many viewers have seen that they can see the doll moving in ways that doesn’t make any sense. They believe that the doll still has the demon inside, even after all this time. What do you think?

A million dollars for Annabelle? Did you know that someone offered The Warren’s daughter a million dollars for Raggedy Ann? That’s crazy right? What is even madder is that after the Warrens declined, they were then offered two million, but they explained that they couldn’t ethically sell the doll, as it would be “totally reckless and irresponsible to let that doll out into the public realm”.

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