Cruel Peter

What is Cruel Peter about?

Cruel Peter is a horror film about a boy named Peter who was trapped, kidnapped and buried by another boy. Both Peter and his enemy were just kids when this happened, and it happened because of Peter being horrid to everyone except his Mother (who loved him dearly). The day after he was buried, something terrible happened, which meant that he could never be found or saved successfully. His Mother has been continuously searching for him for lifetimes, hoping that someday she will be able to have him back.

A very long time after, a researcher goes to Italy to explore this story of cruel Peter and try to find out how much of it is fantasy and how much of it is truth. He gets closer and closer but is regularly warned by locals not to go any further. His daughter slowly starts to change more and more and begins to become a version of herself that he has never seen before. Could this be a result in the research? Should they never have dived deeper into the story? Watch the horror film Cruel Peter to find this out. Cruel Peter is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this video on demand service then you can watch it there.

Would horror lovers like this film?

I’m somewhat 50/50 on this one. In some respects, I can see that this film was well made. The story line is interesting, the cinematography However, the jump scares are readable but only to someone who has watched a lot of horrors. Overall, I would have to say that if you are a horror addict then this will not scare you, but if you have watched a medium/ small amount of horror films then this movie might possibly scare you. That is why we had to give it a lower percentage though, as we are marking horror films on how much they scared us.


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