Lights Out

What is Lights Out about?

Lights out is a horror film about a female character who is able to target people, but only through the shadows and darkness. This means that every time a victim turns off a light, if she is near by then she is able to get them. The story unravels who she is and she because the creature that she is. Who could she be though? Watch the horror film lights out to find this out.

What will horror lovers think about this film?

Lights out focuses on something that many horror films have used, and gives it ago in as many ways as it can. This of course, being the “flickering light” method, where in one of the flickers, something jumps out at us. However, we must admit that they did do it well. We have seen so many horror films where the trailer makes it look great, and the idea itself is somewhat scary, but when it comes to the final showdown it does not deliver, however we wouldn’t say that Lights out is one of those films. This film does deliver what it shows us in the trailers, and it is actually quite a creepy film in general, especially if you watch it on your own with the lights out. After we saw the film, we were certainly a lot more nervous when turning off any lights in our houses, and felt a very strong urge to run up the stairs when doing so. We would not call this film a masterpiece, and it would not make my top 10 horror choices, but it is something that I think if you are a horror film lover, you should definitely check out.

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Lights Out rating: 71%



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