Ghost Stories

What is Ghost Stories about?

Ghost Stories is a horror film about a guy who has spent his whole career explaining that the super natural is not real. He speaks to someone who was a strong influence in his life’s carer choice who explains that he is unable to understand three cases of the supernatural. He of course, then takes on these cases to explore them himself. What he finds changes everything, and he realised that there may be truth in all opinions of the subject. Are these cases that we can’t seem to solve? Does he himself become a believer of the supernatural? Watch the Ghost Stories horror film to find out the answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy Ghost Stories?

This film is a bit of a head mess. The twist at the end made us question what on earth are we watching for a while. The three individual stories are set up and executed quite well, and they definitely shocked us and filled us with anxiety when watching them. Overall, this is actually a really good horror film, and not at all what we expected. This film is certainly worth a watch if you love horror films, but you may have to see it at least two times to fully understand it. We really liked it and we would love to hear what you thought of it too. Let us know!

Eff Your Review
Ghost Stories rating: 77%





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