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  • creep horror film review cover


    What is Creep about? Creep is a horror film about a man named Josef who hires a freelance camera man (Aaron) to film with him for eight hours straight at his cabin. Josef tells Aaron that he is expected a child with his wife, but he unfortunately has cancer and has a life expectancy of […] More

  • Annabelle comes home horror film review cover

    Annabelle Comes Home

    What is Annabelle Comes Home about? Annabelle Comes Home is a horror film about the Annabelle doll that gets placed in the Warren family home museum for safe keeping. The doll is placed in a glass cabinet that was from a church to keep it more secure from the outside world. This is until their […] More

  • The Clovehitch Killer horror film review cover

    The Clovehitch Killer

    What is The Clovehitch Killer about? The Clovehitch Killer is a thriller/ horror film about a boy who takes his crush out in his Dad’s car, but before making a move puts her off with the bondage picture that she finds in the passenger seat. She thinks it is his, because he claims it is […] More

  • Fractured horror film review cover


    What is Fractured about? Fractured is a thriller/ horror film about a man’s daughter who falls into a pit of a construction site and bangs her head severely. He speeds down the road to the nearest hospital where he is able to get them to have a look at his daughter who needs surgery. He […] More

  • Cruel Peter horror film review cover



    Cruel Peter

    What is Cruel Peter about? Cruel Peter is a horror film about a boy named Peter who was trapped, kidnapped and buried by another boy. Both Peter and his enemy were just kids when this happened, and it happened because of Peter being horrid to everyone except his Mother (who loved him dearly). The day […] More

  • searching horror film review cover


    What is Searching about? Searching is a thriller/ horror film that is about a Dad who is looking for his 16 year old daughter who has gone missing. He gets the idea to check her laptop and social media accounts in order to help find out some answers. He asks people who he thought were […] More

  • Polaroid horror film review cover


    What is Polaroid about? Polaroid is a horror film about a group of young friends who all take pictures together with a new polaroid camera that they have found. Out of nowhere, one of the characters that is in the group photo of the friends dies very unexpectedly. This shocks the whole town and the […] More

  • 13 Sins horror film review cover

    13 Sins

    What is 13 Sins about? 13 Sins is a horror film about a failed sales man who is not aggressive enough with his sales tactics. He has lost his jobs and is worrying about his financial security. On his way home, he gets a phone call at a red light. He gets told on the […] More

  • 8MM horror film review cover


    What is 8MM about? 8mm is a thriller/ horror film about a private investigator who is hired by a wealthy woman. The wealthy woman’s husband passed away, and in his private possessions is a snuff tape. The woman wants to know if the video is real footage or just a short violent horror film. The […] More

  • the void horror film review cover

    The Void

    What is The Void about? The Void is a horror film about a large group of covered cult like people that trap a police officer, a pregnant woman, hospital staff and many more inside a hospital. They need to explore around the hospital to get certain items however, as a result of searching around the […] More

  • Trick horror film review cover


    What is Trick about? Trick is a horror film on Netflix about a serial killer that murders the people in the neighbourhood. It starts with a student at a high school party named Patrick, who doesn’t want to participate in a kissing challenge of a spin the bottle game. He gets a knife and stabs […] More

  • Tell Tale Heart Short Horror Film Review cover

    Tell Tale Heart – Short Film

    What is Tell Tale Heart – Short Film about? Tell Tale Heart is a Short Horror Film Directed by McClain Lindquist in 2020 adapted by an Edgar Allan Poe written piece. The short film is about a narcissistic psychopath who looks after and cares for an older man at his mansion. The old man cares […] More

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