What is Searching about?

Searching is a thriller/ horror film that is about a Dad who is looking for his 16 year old daughter who has gone missing. He gets the idea to check her laptop and social media accounts in order to help find out some answers. He asks people who he thought were friends with his daughter to help try to find out what actually happened, but the results keep getting stranger and stranger. He finds out that his daughter has been paying money regularly from her bank account, and that there is footage of her driving around other areas on the day she went missing. What does he find out about where she went? Is he able to find out what really happened to her? Watch the thriller/ horror film Searching to find out.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Searching was really entertaining to watch, with a brilliant twist. The whole of the movie is filmed through the perspective of a camera lens on a phone, laptop or the news on a TV. I feel that although after a while it can be frustrating just seeing one type of shot, this was needed for the audience to experience the same type of situation that the Father is going through. It also means that we find out the same information at the same time that the Dad does, making us feel a connection and even more empathy for the Dad. Overall, this was a really interesting watch, and if you enjoy mystery / who done it type horror films then Searching is going to be something that you will like. Searching is currently on Netflix right now, so if you are a member of this video on demand service then you can watch it there.


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