What is Creep about?

Creep is a horror film about a man named Josef who hires a freelance camera man (Aaron) to film with him for eight hours straight at his cabin. Josef tells Aaron that he is expected a child with his wife, but he unfortunately has cancer and has a life expectancy of only two to three months left. He says to Aaron that he has invited him to his cabin to film some footage for when the child is born, so that he can still see what his Dad was like even though he won’t be around for it. Aaron agrees, but soon realises that Josef is a lot creepier then he may have originally thought. Things start to not add up, and when Aaron can’t find his keys at the end of the day he starts to panic. What comes after is a suspenseful film to watch… The horror film Creep is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this video on demand platform then you can watch it there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

I am seriously, seriously shocked at how much better this horror movie was then what I was expecting. The cover looked awful and the trailer didn’t help itself either very much. *SPOILER HERE* From the first five minutes there was a moment that I was not expecting, making me almost spill my drink with the jump scare. Overall this film does a really good job at not giving into the low amount of fear that most hand-held camera films have. The story line is creepy, and the jump scares are honestly on point. A very unexpectant surprise in a brilliant way! Make sure to check this one out on Netflix.


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