The Lodge

What is The Lodge about?

The Lodge is a horror film about a man who is coming out of a relationship and trying to move on. He has two children and wants to see his kids getting along with his new wife to be. He convinces his children to go away for a few days to his lodge miles away with his wife to be, in order for them to spend some time together and try to get along. The problem is, the children have a lot of negativity towards her, and they have read about her online as being the only surviving member in a cult, group suicide pact. Will the hatred from the children, the disappearance of her medication (as well as other items) and the isolation be enough to bring back old memories of her cult? Will this change her perception of them? Watch the horror film The Lodge to find out.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

This film is psychological horror at it core! If you enjoyed horrors such as 1922, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Mother!, The Witch and other horrors from our Top Psychological Horror Films list then you will most definitely love this one. From the first ten minutes this film puts you in shock as something incredibly disturbing and dramatic takes place. The suspense within the characters interactions and communications builds to such an intense level that is confidently at the level of our favourite psychological horrors. If you are a horror addict and you haven’t seen The Lodge then we’re gonna’ have to let you know that you are missing out big time! This film actually shocked us at how good it was, compared to what we were originally expecting. Let us know on social media if you liked it too!


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