The Clovehitch Killer

What is The Clovehitch Killer about?

The Clovehitch Killer is a thriller/ horror film about a boy who takes his crush out in his Dad’s car, but before making a move puts her off with the bondage picture that she finds in the passenger seat. She thinks it is his, because he claims it is his car, and rumours begin to fly around his school about him. After searching in his Dad’s shed he finds quite a few more of these images, and one that was done to a real woman in a photo. He also finds tying methods of ways that you can tie up people to stop them from being able to escape. The boy begins to think that there is a chance that his Dad could be the serial killer named The Clovehitch Killer, who has a signature knot that he does after every murder. The son investigates his Dad with his friend and tries to get to the bottom of this to find the truth. Could his Father really be a serial killer? Watch the thriller/ horror film The Clovehitch Killer to find out.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

We would say that serial killer lovers would massively enjoy this film. The suspense of whether the Dad could be the killer is brilliant! To those who know about serial killers and psychopath characteristics will really enjoy this movie, has the Father is incredibly charming, friendly, kind and always smiling and welcoming. To the untrained eye, you might think that this is a friendly, loving man, but most serial killers (such as Ted Bundy) also show this behaviour too. So, which is it? Is he a loving Dad, or an evil serial killer? Watch it to find out!


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