The Conjuring

What is The Conjuring about?

The Conjuring is a horror film that is about a family who have moved into their new home in an isolated farmhouse. Supernatural presents’ quickly makes themselves known though at the farmhouse and starts to terrorise the family there. The family hire paranormal investigators to help defeat the evil spirits and they begin uncovering the history of the farmhouse. The evil spirits can be very strong though and might take more then some paranormal investigators to help to get rid of them. What do these spirits want? How strong are they? Are the paranormal investigators experienced enough in their field to get rid of them? Watch The Conjuring horror film to find these answers out!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

This film is the start of the Conjuring franchise and, in the opinion of Eff Your Review, is the best out of all off them. This is one hell of a good horror film. The movie included all elements to make a great horror movie. This includes jump scares, suspense, fear, build up and a really gripping story line. We would definitely advise horror film lovers out there to check this movie out. We honestly don’t think that you will regret watching this one!

Eff Your Review
The Conjuring rating: 85%



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