Ready or Not (2019)

What is Ready or Not about?

Ready or Not (2019) is a horror film about a couple who get married, however there is one thing that the husband didn’t tell his wife. That is that their family play a game after every family wedding. The game is seemingly harmless for the most part. If you select the game chess, then you simply play chess, however there is one option of hide and seek. The twist is though, this game involves the whole family trying to kill the person entering the family, and they have to hide in order to survive. This is because of an ancient ritual belief that if they do not apply by this rule, then the whole of the family will die. Do they find the soon to be wife in the search? If they do, do they actually kill her? What happens if they don’t? Watch Ready or Not (2019) to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

This horror film is massively better then how it looks. The story line is such a silly story line that genuinely must have been really hard to actually make watchable without it being trash. However, the directors (Matt Bettinelli- Olphin and Tyler Gillett) somehow pulled it off. The film is entertaining, funny, exhilarating and intense. It reminds us a lot of the film named “You’re Next”, by how it is about wealthy people trying not to die, but also very entertaining, high in suspense and fun to watch. Overall, we’d say that this is a great film, but not the scariest of films, but very well done. The horror in this film is not going to stick with you, but the entertainment of it will make you glad that you decided to put it on. Overall, definitely worth a watch, but not if you’re on the chase for a petrifying horror film, because we couldn’t really call it that scary.

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Ready or Not rating: 68%





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