Are there any incredible horror films that I probably haven’t seen?

Audition (1999)

Audition is a Japanese horror film that focuses on a man who secretly has an agenda to audition girls to be his girlfriend, whilst they are auditioning for a show. He ends up finding the perfect girl, but after no one can find any real verification on who the girl is, things become increasing suspicious. The film Audition is entirely in Japanese, so you will need to watch with subtitles if you do not speak this language. This film is definitely worth the watch though, and is an incredible example of a built suspension.
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Maniac (2013)

The film maniac is about a serial killer who is obsessed with bringing manikins to live by utilising real body hairs such as the hair on his victim’s head. The film has an interesting take though, as it uses first person view camera angles in order to make the audience feel as though we are living through the protagonist’s mind.
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Haunt (2019)

Literally every haunted house type horror film is usually pretty awful, but this movie BLEW OUR MINDS AWAY. For the first time in a very long time we were genially really scared when watching a horror film. Not only is this a great fun house type horror film, but an incredible horror film overall. Towards the end of this film, we were hiding under our pillows preying for the lead characters.
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