Maniac (2012)

What is Maniac (2012) about?

The horror film maniac is about a serial killer who is obsessed with bringing manikins to life by utilising real body hair such as the hair on his victim’s head. The film has an interesting take though, as it uses first person view camera angles in order to make the audience feel as though we are living through the protagonist’s mind. He are taken on his journey as he finds more and more victims in order to create the masterpiece that is his room full of manikins with human hair on their heads. How far does this fantasy go though? How real are his serial killer chases? Watch the Maniac (2012) horror film to find out these answers.

Would horror lovers enjoy Maniac (2012)?

Overall, we would say that this is an enjoyable horror film to watch, and it definitely has a way of bringing us into the main character’s messed up world and mind set. The film itself is very gory and creepily uncomfortable, which makes us scared when experiencing his messed-up world. Maniac is a very creative film, and certainly something that I would say yes to if asked from a horror loving film friend if they should watch it. If you are interested in serial killer type horror films, then you will definitely enjoy watching this one. It is also worth mentioning, that Maniac (2012) made it at number 11 on the Eff Your Review’s Top 13 Horror Films about Serial Killers which you should have a read of if you haven’t already! You can get there by the side bar, or the link in the writing above.

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Maniac (2012) rating: 68%





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