Are there any incredible horror films that I probably haven’t seen?

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a horror film that is about a priest who is on trail for attempting to cure a girl named Emily Rose of the demons inside her. The trail examines both the facts and conclusions from this world, as well as examining the possibility of the unsettling alternatives. The court is trying to understand if this was self educed or if Emily Rose was truly taken over by the super natural.

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Inbred is a British horror film about a group of young offenders and their care workers who all go on a trip to a country side village in Yorkshire. However, this might have not been the best of ideas. This is because the town is the type of place where everyone knows everyone, and they are completely set in their ways. The villagers very much like to keep themselves to themselves though and are not a fan of outsiders joining them and their twisted ways. They make this very clear to them early on when they enter into this Northern town. If they didn’t get the message early on though, then they certainly will understand this message later.

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Raw is a horror film that follows the story line of a vegetarian named Justine, who is made to eat meat to fit in with a challenge at her university. This helps to slowly dive her into craving meat, until it gets to the point where she starts to envision what human flesh would taste like. This soon becomes an obsession, and she realises that someone she is very close to shares a similar interest. Can she withhold from these cravings though, and if so, for how long? Does she end up giving in? What could the consequences be if she does?

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