What is Audition about?

Audition is a Japanese horror film that focuses on a man who secretly has an agenda to audition girls to be his girlfriend, whilst they are auditioning for a show. He ends up finding the perfect girl, but after the auditioning process, no one can find any real verification on who the girl is. After this, things become increasing suspicious. He ends up getting to know the girl more and more and develops feelings for her. That is, until she vanishes and he can’t find her anymore. He soon realises that the information that she gave about herself isn’t correct. Where she said that she worked, has been closed for a long time. Her apartment hasn’t had anyone live in for a while. What about her is honest? Does he end up finding out who this person truly is? Watch Audition to find out.

Would a horror lover enjoy watching Audition?

The film Audition manages to switch from a romantic, feel good movie, to a deprived, disturbing, terrifying horror film in a very short space of time. This change, massively impacts the viewer, as we become as scared as the man who originally thought that he’d found the love of his life, as his mind set changes to paranoia and fear. This film is definitely, definitely worth a watch if you’re a horror lover like us!

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Audition rating: 89%

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