Are there any incredible horror films that I probably haven’t seen?


8mm is a thriller/ horror film about a private investigator who is hired by a wealthy woman. The wealthy woman’s husband passed away, and in his private possessions is a snuff tape. The woman wants to know if the video is real footage or just a short violent horror film. The private investigator (acted by Nicolas Cage) accepts the job and dives deeper and deeper into the world of violent and controversial videos. He gets talking to an adult video shop employee (who is acted by Joaquin Phoenix) about where he could find these types of violent tapes, who agrees to help him get further into this horrid world.

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The Lodge

The Lodge is a horror film about a man who is coming out of a relationship and trying to move on. He has two children and wants to see his kids getting along with his new wife to be. He convinces his children to go away for a few days to his lodge miles away with his wife to be, in order for them to spend some time together and try to get along. The problem is, the children have a lot of negativity towards her, and they have read about her online as being the only surviving member in a cult, group suicide pact.

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We believe that if you are passionate about reading up on serial killers, then you will love this horror film. Trick is the type of horror film were the audience are shown the story from the polices perspective, which adds a true crime type element to the serial killer hunt. The fact that we don’t know what is happening too makes their chase even more exciting. This is because we find out new information at the same time as the police. If you are interested in serial killers, then this is the film for you. We really did enjoy it!


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