Haunt (2019)

What is Haunt (2019) about?

Haunt is a horror film that is about a group of friends who all decide to go to a horror funhouse after a Halloween party. They find there way to one, after looking for a while and are shocked to find that they have to give in their phones and details before entering. Things start to get quite bizarre when they realise that there are real spiders in the cob webs of one of the horror rooms they are in. From there, things just start to get stranger and stranger. One of the friends becomes cut up down her arm as she put her arm in a secret compartment whilst exploring the haunted house, meaning that they want to get out of the scary place to find a hospital. One of the members of staff end up trying to help them get out, but how much can he be trusted? How badly do they want to keep these customers inside the haunted house and how real are the scares? Watch the horror film Haunted (2019) to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

Literally every haunted house type horror film is usually pretty awful, but this movie BLEW OUR MINDS AWAY. For the first time in a very long time we were genially really scared when watching a horror film. Not only is this a great funhouse type horror film, but an incredible horror film overall. Towards the end of this film, we were hiding under our pillows preying for the lead characters. Would horror film lovers enjoy watching the horror film Haunt? 100% YES. This movie is currently on Amazon Prime, so if you have Prime then you can watch it there. Alternatively, you can purchase this film there too if you don’t have Prime.


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