31 – Horror Film Review

What is 31 about?

The horror film named 31 focuses on members of the public who have been selected in a game of survival of the fittest. However, they did not choose to be selected, but have woken up inside this game of survival. The incident has participates that try to stay alive all through the night, whilst a selection of lethal murderers are picked to kill them. Watching these victims trying to escape from the murderers in a large factory, is all for the entertainment of millionaires, who are betting on the survival rates of them. Will they survive from this horrid night? How hard will the night be for them to survive threw? Watch 31 to find out these answers!

Will horror lovers enjoy watching 31?

Ahh, where do we even start with this film? The horror film 31 had so much potential! Some of the characters were hilarious in such a brilliant way! Additionally, some of them were truly horrifically sadistic ( and we mean this in the best possible way though!). We felt that the film 31 could have been a masterpiece, but the way that the filming was conducted completely ruined this. There were way too many close ups, and the shaky camera shots were just used way too much. As horror fanatics, we all secretly love watching the characters suffer in a brutal murder scene, but how can we enjoy this when we are only seeing half of their face due to these close ups? We know what you’re thinking though.. “isn’t it a bit of a ridiculous complaint? Some poorly used close ups?”, but HONESTLY, watch 31 and you see what we mean! Other then that we really liked it though!

31 rating:



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