What is 8MM about?

8mm is a thriller/ horror film about a private investigator who is hired by a wealthy woman. The wealthy woman’s husband passed away, and in his private possessions is a snuff tape. The woman wants to know if the video is real footage or just a short violent horror film. The private investigator (acted by Nicolas Cage) accepts the job and dives deeper and deeper into the world of violent and controversial adult videos. He gets talking to an adult film shop employee (who is acted by Joaquin Phoenix) about where he could find these types of violent adult tapes, who agrees to help him get further into this horrid world. Does he find out if the footage is real in the end? Does the private investigator get too far into the worm hole of this evil world? Watch 8mm to find out these answers!

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

8mm is the type of thriller/ horror films that keeps you hooked from the get go. As soon as I heard about the film I wanted to see it, and whilst watching it I realised that it did not disappoint. The story line is so scary and gripping that it makes you feel very distressed when watching. This is because the story itself could and maybe even has happened somewhere in the world. The thought of it just gives you the chills and 8mm doesn’t disappoint in portraying this. We were seriously shocked at Eff Your Review for the low reviews this movie has received. We honestly loved watching it! 8mm is currently on Amazon Prime right now, so if you are a member to this video on demand service then you can watch it there.


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