What is Inbred about?

Inbred is a British horror film about a group of young offenders and their care workers who all go on a trip to a country side village in Yorkshire. However, this might have not been the best of ideas. This is because the town is the type of place where everyone knows everyone, and they are completely set in their ways. The villagers very much like to keep themselves to themselves though and are not a fan of outsiders joining them and their twisted ways. They make this very clear to them early on when they enter into this Northern town. If they didn’t get the message early on though, then they certainly will understand this message later. How bad is the village though? How cruel are the locals? Watch Inbred to find out! The Inbred horror film is not currently on Netflix, but you can purchase it on Amazon right now.

Would horror lovers enjoy watching Inbred?

Where do we even begin with this film. Before watching it, we thought it would be an awful, strange and just a weird film. We were so wrong! Well, not entirely, it is weird, but in a brilliant way! This film manages to mix comedy with horror, and finds it at the perfect level! The director (Alex Chandon) did such a great job at managing to create the eerie vibe of the Yorkshire town that they go to, which just the thought of being in would haunt you. If you are British and most importantly, if you love horror films, then you seriously have to watch this film. It is sick, twisted, wrong, hilarious, brilliant, evil, funny, and.. WHAT MORE CAN WE SAY. JUST GO AND WATCH IT! We hope you’ll love it as much as us!  


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