What is Raw about?

Raw is a horror film that follows the story line of a vegetarian named Justine, who is made to eat meat to fit in with a challenge at her university. This helps to slowly dive her into craving meat, until it gets to the point where she starts to envision what human flesh would taste like. This soon becomes an obsession, and she realises that someone she is very close to shares a similar interest. Can she withhold from these cravings though, and if so, for how long? Does she end up giving in? What could the consequences be if she does? Watch Raw to find out! This film is currently not on Netflix, but you can watch it on Amazon.

Would a horror film lover enjoy watching Raw?

Yes! Raw (2016) is such a unique style of horror movie. The horror film consistently throws curve balls in the story line, making it virtually impossible to not watch it. This type of “horror” does not relay on jump scares to be scary, but the characters themselves and their deepest desires. If you like horror films, then this one is definitely worth a watch. If you like the type of films that are incredibly f*cked up too, then you’ll love it even more! Literally every single scene there was something new and crazy happening in it, making it impossible for you to predict what happens next. This goes all the way from drug fuelled parties, to sex scenes, to cannibalism! You honestly can not look away! Watch Raw and let us know on social media what you thought about it too! We think you’ll love it!




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