What is Countdown about?

Countdown is a horror film that is about an app on your phone, which can accurately tell you how soon you are going to die. Most of the people that download this app don’t believe it to be true, but those of them that downloaded it, and it said that they only have a few days to survive, soon realise that it isn’t a joke. No matter how badly these people try to escape the app, they soon realise that they are not able to, as they always die when it says they will. Will they find a way to escape the app in the end? Why is the app doing this to them? Watch the horror film Countdown to find out these answers!

Would horror film lovers enjoy watching this?

Here at Eff Your Review we’ve watched a lot of horror films. Sometimes when we are watching a horror film with a story line as ridiculous as this one, we think to ourselves “why did someone not tell the director that this was a ludicrous idea”. This film has one of those story lines that you can already tell it won’t be good to watch before even watching it. It is just so frustrating to watch. I mean, an app on a phone that tells you when you will die, then a spirit kills you at that time? What?! This really is not a very good horror film. The jump scares are predictable and the story is terrible. The only good thing that we can say about this film is that the acting is actually pretty good. Overall, if you are a horror film addict then you can definitely go without watching this one. We’re sure you can find a better one to watch here at Eff Your Review!


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