Veronica (VERÓNICA)

What is Veronica (VERÓNICA) about?

Veronica is a horror film that is about, you guessed it, a girl named Veronica. Veronica and her friends all decide to mess around using a Ouija board. She ends up passing out whilst this happens, and it soon becomes very apparent that she has let in an unkind spirit. The strength of the spirit gets stronger, and finds it’s way to getting closer to Veronica. How dangerous is this spirit though, and what type of troubles could it cause to her? Watch the horror film Veronica to find out these answers!

What would horror lovers think about Veronica?

Veronica is one of those films that definitely deserves a hell of a lot more credit than it has received at its release. This film itself, in our opinion is genuinely a scary one to watch. The suspense of the film builds really well and with inclusion of the torturous nightmares and evil creations is enough to make even avid horror film addicts frightened. We can’t help to think that this film does not do itself any justice with the trailer. This is because, after watching the trailer, and then the film we are very positively impressed! Veronica unfortunately did not make it into our top 10 horror films list though, but it was not a million miles off it! This horror film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it through there. FYI; the film is in Spanish, so you will need to read the subtitles if you are not Spanish.

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Veronica rating: 87%





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