The Ritual

The Ritual Horror Film Review

What is The Ritual about?

The Ritual is a horror film that is about four guys who go camping. They lost a close friend in a terrible incident when being robbed, so they are determined to go on a camping adventure as it’s what their friend would have wanted. They end up trying to take a shortcut during the camping journey, but getting massively lost and not being able to find the way out of the forest. They soon realise that an incredibly large creature is watching them, and they are certain that the forest they are in is a lot bigger than they remember. The scariest part is, even if they find help, do the people help them, or do they know about the creature? Watch The Ritual to find out. This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member of that service then you can watch this film there.

Would horror lovers enjoy this film?

The Ritual was gripping right from the start. We would review the acting as very realistic and the story line is just weird, but in a really good way! What we liked about this horror film, is that when it started to get strange, it instantly became scary. We really did like this film a lot, as we don’t want to give away too many spoilers for you, but overall, we believe that if you like horror films, you’ll most likely enjoy watching The Ritual. It was similar to another horror film named Apostle, by how the story line itself just takes you to such a petrifying world. The type of world where you’d absolutely shi*t yourself if you woke up in. The characters in the film, including the character development of the main four is on point, and fits in perfectly with the situations that they all find themselves in. Would horror lovers enjoy The Ritual? We believe so. Yes!


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