September 8, 2021

Top 13 Horror Films about Serial Killers

8. I Am Not A Serial Killer

The horror film, I am not a serial killer is a really interesting film to discuss. This is because it doesn’t follow traditional values that most horror films do. They do not focus on jump scares, but purely the story line in trying to make the audience feel how the characters do. This is more of a “coming of age”- type film, but with psychopaths and the story line is quite an interesting one to follow. If you are obsessed with serial killers, then you’ll probably enjoy this film, as there are quite a few mentions of killers such as Ted Bundy and many more. Additionally, if you liked the film My Friend, Dahmer then you’ll definitely love this film, as it has very similar traits to it.

 I am not a serial killer is a pretty good film, but only if serial killer/ mystery type horror / thriller films are something that peeks your interest. Would horror film lovers enjoy watch this film? We believe so, since most of us are freaks anyway! But we’re proud of this!

Eff Your Review rated I Am Not A Serial Killer 77%

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7. Zodiac

Zodiac was a very well-known serial killer around the 1960s – 1970s in America. The Zodiac killer was one of the first known serial killers to publicly express his thoughts and even send letters to the police departments! However, he somehow never got caught. This film is brilliantly created, and it breaks down every possible suspect that it could have been. The riddles and codes that he sends through to the police are also shown in the film, meaning that you too could try to figure out who he was!

Eff Your Review rated Zodiac 86%

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6. My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer focuses on the upbringing of the infamous serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer. The most interesting thing about this film, is that it humanises the serial killer, as it forces us to understand his childhood, and many of the incidents that made him the brutal killer that he became going into adulthood. We were in suspense for a long time whilst waiting to see this film, and upon release when we had the chance to see it we were surely not disappointed.

My Friend Dahmer does an excellent job at making the audience sympathise with Jeffrey Dahmer, and almost make us understand his truly outrageous, twisted emotions. This is definitely a film that we would recommend to any serial killer fanatic out there.

Eff Your Review rated My Friend Dahmer 87%

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5. The Devil’s Rejects

The Devil’s Rejects is a sadistic, cruel and savage horror film about serial killers who are on the lose, and we love it! Directed by Rob Zombie, this movie continues from the film “House of 1000 Corpses” which certainly matches the name. This film continues very smoothly, but offers a different type of edit style to the first, which many people enjoy. We certainly did.

 The film focuses on three family members using manipulation and aggression in order to escape from the police. They encounter many interesting situations which involves drugs, alcohol, kidnapping and much more.

Eff Your Review rated The Devil’s Rejects 88%

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4. The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs is a must see horror film in the Hannibal Lecture series of films. This film has managed to continue the infamous Hannibal Lecture name in the collection whilst fully examining and showing the characteristics of a serial killer. This film is a lot faster paced then Hannibal, which personally we found made it more enjoyable to watch.

Eff Your Review rated The Silence of the Lambs 89%

Read the full review here or watch the film online.

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