A Cure for Wellness

What is A Cure for Wellness about?

A Cure for Wellness is a horror film that focuses on a character who is sent to explore the disappearance of one of his employees who works for the same company as him. He soon finds out why the original patent has not returned, but instead remained in a mental institution. Even though he is told that he is allowed to go from the hospital, he is finding it more and more difficult to leave. Will he be able to get away from the hospital? Can he retrieve the employee? Watch A Cure for Wellness to find out.

Will horror film lovers enjoy this film?

A Cure for Wellness would have been an incredible film, if it was made seven years before, making it being released just before Shutter Island. This is because both films are way too similar for it to be fully enjoyable. Overall the film itself was relatively creepy in the claustrophobic, “I’m trapped in a mental hospital” type way, however I could not help but to feel like I had seen the film before, even though I hadn’t. When comparing it to nothing though, and simply analysing it as its own presence, yes this is a good film. The film has good acting and is well put together, and I was definitely kept entertained and interested throughout it all the way through. In conclusion, A Cure for Wellness is a good film, but not something that I would preach to my fellow horror film lovers as a “must see”.

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A Cure for Wellness Rating: 54%



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