What is Midsommar about?

MidSommar is a horror film that is Directed by Ari Aster (the same director as Hereditary). MidSommar is about four university friends who are invited to go to Sweden to visit a festival that happens every ninety years by one of the friends. One of the friends (named Christian) has a girlfriend (Dani) who is going through a lot of problems relating to her family passing away, and therefore, he reluctantly invites her to Sweden hoping that she’ll turn down the offer. This is because most of his friends don’t want her coming. She says yes though, and they all soon realise that this trip is a hell of a lot more then what they first had in mind. They soon realise that the people that live at the specific area in the Country, are more like a cult then a family. What happens when they enter? What does this journey entail? Watch MidSommar to find out! It will shock you!

Would horror lovers enjoy Midsommar?

Oh my gosh, this film is truly breath taking. The horror film leaves in you a complete head f*ck as the cinematography, story line, scriptwriting and directing takes you so successfully into this world, that you feel that you are experiencing the pain, happiness, paranoia, and confusion as all of the characters involved. This film is very similar to the horror film named “Mother!”, how it plays on your mind as you have to take some time to yourself to fully understand and appreciate the genius of the film. When watching the film Hereditary, we asked ourselves how Ari Aster could keep up with that. But we genuinely feel here at Eff Your Review that Ari Aster was able to do himself proud with this film. Overall, we’d have to say that Hereditary was slightly a better horror film, in the sense that it is more traditionally “scarier”, however, both Hereditary and MidSommar are complete masterpieces that any horror direct should aspire to work towards. Good work Ari Aster, you’ve achieved something truly incredible!

Eff Your Review
MidSommar rating: 92%

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