You’re Next

What is You're Next about?

You’re Next is a horror film that was directed by Adam Wingard, and realised in the year 2011. The film is about a family who all get together to have an evening dinner and to hang out. The reason why they have all agreed on having this dinner together, is because they are attempting to heal their broken family that has become very distant. The dinner isn’t going too badly at the start. Well, that is until they are interrupted by people trying to murder them. They have no clue how or why this is happening, but all they know is one thing. That they must escape the house they are in to survive. Do they manage to escape this murder attempt? Why are people even trying to murder them? Watch You’re Next to find out these answers! This film is currently on Amazon, but not on Netflix anymore.

What would horror film lovers think about this film?

This film switches so fast! It goes from a relaxing, calm family meal, to an intense, cat and mouse murder chase. The film is entertaining, creepy and uses multiple jump scares and suspense. You’re Next is definitely a really fun horror film, that you will not regret watching. The film has a lot of similar attributes as Ready or Not (2019), as they both use the right amount of comedy in order to break the moments that get too intense. Both Ready or Not (2019) and You’re Next (2011) are the type of horror films that you could easily watch even if you don’t watch horrors regularly, simply because they are a whole range of genres. They successfully are able to manage to please a lot of audiences.

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You're Next rating: 72%





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