Would you rather (2012)

What is Would You Rather about?

Would you rather is a horror film that is about a group of people (who don’t know each other) that all are in desperate need of more money. They are invited to the house of a multimillionaire, who challenges them on a set of “would you rather” questions with horrid options for money. Whoever makes it to the end will win all of the money. But what could this mean if they don’t go ahead with the challenges? How badly do they need this money and what will they do to get it? Watch would you rather to find out these answers. This film is currently on Netflix right now, so if you are a member to this service then you can watch it there.

What will horror lovers think about this film?

The film itself isn’t scary at all. It is literally is just a psychopath challenging them to do horrible things. If you love watching horror films, then you can definitely ignore this one and find something else that is actually scary to see. We were really disappointed by this film. This is because we were expecting there to be an interesting twist in the story line, or something that could have mixed up the direction of the film, but we unfortunately did not get this. If literally is just mostly a case of them being challenged and there being really serious punishments if they do not continue to do them. We suppose that the only good thing about watching Would You Rather, is the fact that Sasha Grey is acting in it. However, mostly only guys will be able to enjoy this. Overall, you can definitely avoid this horror film and find something better.

Would You Rather rating:



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