The Lighthouse

What is The Lighthouse about?

The Light House (directed by Robert Eggers) is a psychological horror film that focuses on two main characters. These characters are played by Robert Pattinson and Williem Dafoe. The Lighthouse is about two lighthouse keepers who work on tendering the lighthouse and the rocky area around it. Their relationship starts off simple, just as an employee and an employer, but they soon start to find the company of just those two very testing. This soon tests them both though, and the isolation of being at the lighthouse on a separated small plot of land begins a new point of anger and frustration, leading to an evidential insanity in one. Ephraim (Robert Pattinson) experiences frustration like no other, leading him to think all kinds of thoughts that even we, the audience start to question weather or not he is on to something, or if he is going crazy. What this anger leads to though is up to the audience to justify…

Would horror film lovers enjoy The Lighthouse?

Wow, this film turned itself around! The first third of the film felt very repetitive. However, it was incredibly valuable and important to the story line. Before even knowing that the horror film was directed by Robert Eggers, we felt that it had a very “The Witch” type vibe to it, which also is similar to 1922. This vibe being, how the horror in the film is all psychological, and the characters friction and paranoia is what gives us that fear. After the first third of the film, we begin to get an understanding into the horror of the movie, where we feel just as isolated and anxious as Ephraim whilst he is working at the lighthouse. The film is in black and white, which we felt was needed. Overall, do we think that horror film lovers will enjoy this? Absolutely. But the hype of is probably a little bit too much, as most audiences won’t like it due to the slow paced, black and white style approach. Either way, we’ll definitely think twice before taking that new job based in the middle of nowhere! P.s, this is definitely one of those films you may have to watch twice!




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