The Woman (2011)

What is The Woman (2011) about?

The Woman (2011) is a horror film about a father who finds and captures a feral woman in their family shed and forces his family to help him tame her. After locking her up, they soon find out that this was not a very good way to calm her down, as she just gets more and more angry there. They additionally don’t exactly treat her with the respect that they should be, which also makes her even angrier. But how bad is the behaviour that they are treating her with? What exactly are they doing to this poor woman? What do they do with this woman in the end? Can she ever act like a normal human being? Watch the horror film named The Woman to found these answers out! You can currently watch this film on Amazon, but it is not on Netflix right now.

What would horror lovers think about this film?

We wouldn’t classify this film specifically as being that scary, but it was very unsettling and included periods of dark humour. This film manages to change its vibe very quickly, from a dark comedy, to a horror film with very sensitive and violent tones. There are some elements in the film that many people would not feel comfortable watching, which is understandable. However, in our opinion, some of the greatest horrors do test the audience on these taboo, controversial topics. Watch this film though and make up your own opinion for yourself though, because this is definitely the type of film that there will be mix view points on.

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