The Strangers: Prey at night

What is The Strangers: Prey at night about?

The Strangers: Prey at night is a horror film about a family that go on holiday to have a fun escape from home, but they soon realise that it is not how they planned. This is because a group of masked murders choose to prey on this holiday caravan family. Will the family be able to escape these killers? How far are the murderers willing to go to make sure that they kill all of the family? Who will survive? Watch the horror film The Strangers: Prey at night to find this out! This is the second of two films. The first one was called The Strangers. This film is currently on Netflix, so if you are a member to this service, then you can watch it there.

Would would horror lovers think about this film?

We honestly do really think that horror lovers will enjoy watching this film. The sadistic characteristics of the murderers is enough to make you feel uneasy throughout the film. This is additionally mixed with a sense of dramatic revenge that the protagonists have towards these killers. We loved watching this film, and would definitely suggest horror lovers that are passionate about murder type- horror films to watch this movie. It surprised us the level of horror that this film held. The first of the two films (The Strangers) felt very slow paced, and was no where near as scary as this one. We are proud to see which a brilliant improvement in The Strangers collection! Hats off to the director! You did a great job!

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The Strangers: Prey at night rating 80%





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