What is Mandy about?

Mandy is a horror film that focuses on a couple getting separated that are very much in love with each other. The people that separate them do this in a brutal, sadistic way, by kidnapping the girl whilst they are both sleeping in their bed. The boyfriend goes all the way to find her, and rescue her from these evil people. The audience are shown his story as he asks around and gets closer and closer to being with the love of his life again. The question is though, will they be reunited and find each other? Will they be able to overcome the cruel people that stole her, and will he be able to defeat them? Why did they steal her in the first place though? Watch the horror film Mandy to find out these answers. This film is not currently on Netflix, but you can purchase the film from Amazon.

Would horror lovers enjoy watching Mandy?

Mandy is truly a magnificent horror film to watch. The film itself is massively creative through its use of interesting philosophies, neon lighting and seriously edgy looking villains. You will find it very hard to look away from the screen when watching this film, simply because of the way the characters are visually. Their appearance is so unique and interesting and it perfectly matches the vibe of the movie. Mandy is definitely something that we would suggest a horror film lover to watch! You’d be seriously missing out if you don’t! Make sure to let us know your view of it on our social media!

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Mandy rating: 82%



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