Martyrs (2008)

What is Martyrs (2008) about?

Martyrs is a French horror film that focuses on a girl who had a horrific, abusive and torturous past, trying to make things right and understand the brutality that was thrust upon her. She ends up finding a family that were a part of her torture, knocking on their door and then shooting them all with a shotgun. After this, she deals with hiding the evidence of the family that she killed, and during this point the audience get a glimpse into her mental battles that she has to deal with regularly. She finds out that this family are actually incredibly close to the torturing that she occurred, and that this hasn’t stopped, but is continuing with different people still. How bad is the torturing? What is the reason for all of it? Watch the horror film Martyrs to find these answers out.

Would a horror lover enjoy Martyrs (2008)?

Martyrs, in our opinion is the best horror film that has ever been made. We honestly doubt that we will ever see another true masterpiece as perfect as this one. The film will leave shivers down your spine, with your mind and soul speechless towards the end. If you are a horror film lover, and you have not seen this film, then you are not a horror film lover. It really is that simple. We have never given the score of “100%” on this website before, but anything less than this would be an insult to such an unbelievably incredible horror film. This is horror. We really could not advice you to watch this film anymore.

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Martyrs (2008) rating: 100%



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